Busy, Busy, Busy!

So while I was enduring my recent enforced rest period, what was I up to?  Writing for the February issue of my co-authored blog, Lexi and Jones, of course!

Here are the links to my articles but in a nutshell the first tells you all about our day out to Charlton Lido last Monday, whilst the second is about my refusal to get drawn into the maelstrom of hype associated with Fifty Shades of Grey.

And whilst I feel nothing but derision for the film and books, Lexi very gallantly sacrificed 125 minutes of her life to see what all the fuss was about.  I had been expecting her review to be published at the same time as the rest of our February edition but yesterday’s launch saw no sign of it.  Disappointed or what!  Part of me wondered whether/hoped it was so bad that she couldn’t bear to think about the film again in order to write anything.  But I should have been a bit more patient, because she has written a review and it was well worth waiting for – I love it!  Justifies my jaundiced views totally!

Our other articles this month include Lexi’s advice on post Valentine’s night breakfasts and the sex lives of the middle aged woman, very enlightening!  Who needs Fifty Shades!

This month we were both absolutely delighted that we had our first contributor, our favourite yoga teacher, Emma Turner of Samadhi-Yoga.  Emma has written about yoga and sexuality for us.  Emma also has another website called Greener Mums which encourages us all to try to be a little greener in our lives.  I’ve only just discovered this so I’m looking forward to a bit of catch up reading.

My articles for next month are now underway but turning back to my running, I’m pleased to report my 6k run on Tuesday was followed by a 7k on Thursday.  But thanks to the sleep gods (or maybe it was my Friday 13th bad luck), my anticipated parkrun fix yesterday didn’t happen.  I saw every hour from 10.00pm Friday night until 6.30am Saturday morning at which point I gave up and turned off the alarm.  I sincerely hope the menopausal insomnia has not returned and this was just a one off.  I spent most of yesterday in a haze, now I know how new mums (and dads) feel after being deprived of sleep.  Not taking any chances tonight, the herbal Nytol is coming back out!  If that fails – vodka!

It was going so well!

It was going so well!

Having been inspired by the runners at junior parkrun this morning, I came home and went straight out for a run to make up for yesterday.  My morning coffee had left me feeling a little bit spaced out. And I’m also blaming this for my inability to operate the timer this morning.  I managed to start it okay as the runners set off and then, for some reason, turned it off as the first runner crossed the line!  Goodness knows what was in that coffee but I suspect I’ll be backing to marshalling duties next week!

Anyway, I headed out with the clear intention of doing 6k.  I would get to the 3k turn around point, do a quick evaluation and then decide whether to carry on.  I’m glad to say I carried on and did 11k with an average pace which would see me get a half marathon PB – just have to maintain that pace for the other 10k now!  No twinges from my knee and only the occasional complaint from my ankle.  I’m now keeping everything crossed – six weeks to go.

And here’s a new blog column heading I’ve decided to introduce – “Smells that assaulted my run”.  Today we had laundry products from The Manor Hotel, roast “beef” from the Toby Carvery and chips from the Morrisons cafe, oh and sweat from all the cyclists at Cyclopark!

WP_20150202_002During my run I wore my new winter running top, my bargain from Sweatshop, the Karrimor Trail ¼ zip long sleeve tee (that’s what it says on the label).  So here follows a quick product review.

I was initially drawn to the top because it was marked down from £74.99 to £18.99 – can’t resist a bargain.

Secondly, it had pockets – lots of pockets.  Sportswear manufacturers please note, I want pockets, preferably with zips!  So far this jacket has four, two zipped and two open.  I say so far because on occasion I have located sneaky little pockets hidden away in other running gear so there may be more to appear.  My front door key went in the top zipped pocket, which means now, rather than periodically patting my backside to make sure the key is still present, I’m patting my left breast instead!  I’m not sure which is more distracting to walkers, dog walkers, cyclists or drivers but hey, I don’t want to get locked out.

The final thing which attracted me was the colour, I am a girl after all.  But no, it’s not pink, it’s an emerald/turquoise (apparently).

The jacket itself felt very comfortable during the run, nice thumb loops to negate the need for gloves (which can be easily lost, see this blogpost for an explanation).  It also has an adhesive hemline to prevent the wind getting up and under.  To be honest everything about the top was excellent.  My only quibble would be the partial zipped front.  There was an occasion where I felt the need to cool down a bit and a full frontal zip would have been ideal.  But for £19 I’m not complaining!