A Tale of Two Runs

In the past fortnight I’ve taken part in two running events with Saxons, Vikings & Normans at Betteshanger Country Park near Deal.  The contrast couldn’t have been more different:-

NYE – it was wet, windy and very muddy, so much so that my socks got thrown in the bin

Yesterday – it was dry, very little wind, the sun came out and there was very little mud – my socks survived


Poor socks – my toes weren’t much better but I couldn’t throw them away!


Trainers weren’t much better!

NYE – you could see the eerie glow of light pollution from Thanet Earth as it got dark

Yesterday – the light meant you could see the sea and the white cliffs of Ramsgate


Sunny skies!

NYE – apart from the runners, there were very few people enjoying the Country Park facilities

Yesterday – a lot more visitors – using the cycle track, walking along the trail paths, using the children’s play park and the cafe


NYE – the day after I felt like I’d been run over by a bus

Yesterday – this morning I felt fine


NYE – I ran a marathon

Yesterday – I ran half a marathon


However, the things both events had in common were the great company, camaraderie and encouragement from the other runners, volunteers and organisers; and the wonderful goody bags and medals.





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