Who Needs Alcohol!!

I half heard a radio phone-in earlier this week regarding the “stupid” things people commit to when under the influence of alcohol.  It occurs to me that alcohol isn’t the only thing that can lead you to outrageous commitments!  I can’t help but think the runner’s high also has a lot to answer for!

Earlier this year, at the end of a local 10k run, I enthusiastically agreed to sign up for the Winchester half marathon in September.  Nothing wrong with that until I realised this meant I would be attempting to run four half marathons in the space of 15 days.  Now in retrospect, and compared to other runners’ challenges, this doesn’t seem so bad and in the end I had to defer the place to 2018.  But I think after this I decided I’d leave it at least 24 hours before agreeing to sign up to events on the back of one just completed.

However, things have just gone from bad to worse especially during the last month or two, and perhaps even worse is the fact that a runner’s high hasn’t necessarily been involved, it’s been by osmosis, social media and pre-parkrun chatter!

The first of these “stupid” commitments now seems quite tame.  I agreed to take part in a local turkey trot in fancy dress.  It was suggested in casual conversation before parkrun had even started and I immediately said yes!  Why!!!  I’m now realising that December is drawing ever closer and I have to think up some Christmas themed outfit – currently I’m thinking fairy!

After this came the decision to sign up for a 10 in 10 (ten runs in ten consecutive days).  At the time of signing up, I was thinking I can do ten 10ks.  But somewhere along the line (and I admit some cider was involved but only a half), this has evolved into a ten marathons challenge.  In fact one of the events now has to be an ultra.  And jocular banter since suggests this challenge isn’t going away.  To make matters worse, the route is going to be the same at each event, it’s a timed challenge with laps and in the potential August heat.  If we managed this epic, it would mean running 81 laps.

Next, there’s a potential back to back marathon challenge in May, at least I’ll have the Bank Holiday Monday to recover with this one.

Then, on the back of a weekend running a Winnie the Pooh Challenge at the Ashdown Forest, I booked up to do it again next year, despite knowing the course and the fact it has a hill goats would struggle with.  Although I’m sure the medals will be as lovely as this year’s.


Next year’s will be Kanga-Roo Kanter and Owl Amble 🙂

And finally, despite knowing that this is a seriously undulating course, I signed up for the Beachy Head Marathon on the basis that a friend’s Facebook pictures from the route looked quite pretty.  A few days later I saw some photos of how close the route gets to the cliff edge and now, with my fear of heights, I’m going to have to run that bit looking in the opposite direction.  Also, I’m going to start preying that Storm Zebedee doesn’t choose that weekend to hit the south coast.

Beachy head

Run Profile ;-(

So I have my challenges lined up for next year, should keep me quiet and my sports masseuse in cash!  What about you?!



2 thoughts on “Who Needs Alcohol!!

  1. Samadhi Yoga says:

    I feel exhausted just reading about all your upcoming runs Hilary 😉 But if anyone can do it, you can xx

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