Has Anyone Seen My Mojo?

Because I’d quite like it back!  I know where I lost it, somewhere around 7.5k into the Ted Pepper Memorial 10k in Bromley, somewhere just outside the woods, where I fell over!  Up until that point it was all going so well.  I know it’s been a while since I blogged but that’s because I’ve been busy running and having ‘fun’.

Some quick highlights since my last blog post:

Dartford Half – tough but loved it.  Before I even got to Gore Road (of the infamous hill fame), I ran all the way up the first steep part of Gill’s Road and when I got to the top, my legs refused to move, fortunately only momentarily!  Despite all that, I posted my fourth quickest half marathon time (of the ten I’d done at the time).  Lots of hills but stunning views and I’d definitely do it again.

Dartford half

(courtesy of Dartford Half Marathon)

(Billy No Mates can be seen in the bottom right-hand corner and if you look very carefully, she appears to be yawning!  Not a good sign before the run’s even started!)

The Folkestone 10 on Good Friday – great out and back run along the coast from Hythe to Folkestone, and relatively flat until we went into The Leas at the half way point where it started to undulate.  But a 10 mile PB (okay, I’ve only done two but ….).

Paddock Wood Half – fourth attempt and a course PB if only by seven seconds!  This then relegated Dartford to my fifth quickest but hey ho.

Darent Valley 10k – great run with an early start time.  Castle Hill got me this time and required some walking around the halfway point but another course PB but by over a minute and a half this time.

Run Dartford Summer Series 2016 – first run around Dartford Heath.  Now despite the fact I grew up near the Heath, went to secondary school by the Heath, worked in the golf club opposite the Heath, I had never actually ventured into the Heath.  Say Dartford Heath to me and it conjured up the notion of flashers (constant warnings from my teachers), dogging (no personal experience, just local reputation), frequent summer fires (some arson, some not) and dead bodies (well one, last year anyway).  So as I ventured from the car park through the bushes I wasn’t too sure what to expect but what a revelation; it’s beautiful, a mixture of woody bits and open ground.  It’s almost like the bushes around the perimeter are keeping the Heath cocooned and private from the general public.  And it’s a great place for a run on a sunny Friday evening 🙂

And a bit of parkrun tourism with second visits to Great Lines and Sittingbourne and a first trip to Lullingstone, where I rehearsed my fall but on softer terrain.  By softer I mean it was raining, very hard and the course was muddy, very muddy!  And just after the start of my second lap I slipped at a turn and ended up on my bum.  But no damage done, got up and carried on, gingerly 😉

Maybe I should be grateful that after nearly ten years of running, I haven’t fallen before but twice within a matter of weeks is a bit much.  I’ll admit there have been a couple of near misses when out with my running group recently but my strong core muscles (?!) have managed to prevent me hitting the ground.

The cut hand and knee have recovered but it’s the ribs that are still suffering.  I can breathe okay so I know I haven’t broken anything but they are sure taking a long time to heal.  They’re not even stopping me from running, I just seem to have lost my impetus.  I have run since the fall but my heart doesn’t really seem to be in it.  Maybe I’m worried I’ll fall over again and do some real damage but I need to get back out there and do it.  If only because this weekend I have the second Run Dartford event on Friday night (a four mile run around Central Park), the Runners World 10k Trailblazer around Bedgebury Pinetum on Saturday and the Beginners2Runners’ 10k Woodland Trail on Sunday.  (Don’t know why I thought all that was a good idea.)  Both Saturday and Sunday are going to involve trail running so I think I’m going to keep a close eye on the ground and just concentrate on getting around in one piece.  Perhaps if I can do that, I’ll see my mojo hiding in the bushes!

PS: this is not a cry for sympathy, it’s me working through my issues.  Blogging – a cheaper form of therapy!