Is It Just Me?

Or do other runners spend the 48 hours or so before a “big” event in a state of limbo?

I think I’ve got the 10k distance sorted now, no need to panic, just get out there and do it.  Although my last run, the Tenterden 5, proved to me that you cannot run four days in a row and go out on the town the night before a run without suffering.  Despite that, I still managed a 5 mile PB!

But tomorrow is the Dartford Half, a run I feel obliged to do because I’m a local girl but which historically I’ve always ignored because it used to take place at the beginning of July.  Who wants to run a half marathon at the beginning of July!  Anyway, I think it was last year that they moved the date to March so caught between the possibility of snow and potentially warm temperatures.  And as this year is the 40th anniversary, I felt obliged to give it a go.

Mention the Dartford Half to any local runner and they will undoubtedly say “oooh, Gore Hill” which is technically incorrect because according to all maps, it’s actually Gore Road.  And looking at the run profile, Gore Hill/Road is not the steepest or longest hill but it does appear around the 10/11 mile point by which time my legs, forget anybody else’s, are going to be knackered.  I don’t care if the rest of the run is “downhill”, I strongly expect to be walking up Gore Hill!

So back to my limbo!  Since yesterday, I’ve been “careful” to make sure I’m in tip top condition (?!).  My last run was on Thursday evening, a comfortable 5k to keep the legs “turning over”.  Last night I went to yoga but when I could feel one of my hamstrings start to complain, I eased off from the posture.  Although having said that, the lower back “stiffness” which has been playing me up all week had disappeared this morning and I’m putting that down to yoga practice.  This morning I volunteered at parkrun and tried to get in the mood by osmosis!

Now I’m at a bit of a loss, what shall I do for the rest of the day?  I could give the grass its first cut of the year but I do want to be able to move tomorrow!  I can’t seem to settle to anything.  Perhaps I need to borrow some small children and/or dogs for use as distraction techniques!

In any event, can today please hurry up and be over so I can go to bed, try to sleep, get up at some ridiculously early hour for a Sunday and hope this run is over as soon as possible with as little discomfort as possible.

And good luck to everybody else out running this weekend!

dartford medal

Hopefully this time tomorrow I’ll own one of these!